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Embrace your unique value as you walk your own path as a leader in this one-of -a-kind mastermind

We come together as unconventional leaders and entreprenuers (aka Outliers) to embrace and leverage what makes us different so we can overcome the fears and ways of thinking that hold us back from creating the greatest impact, influence, and income in our businesses, careers, and social movements.


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October 2021: Ownership October

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"You don't need confidence - You need COURAGE!"

You have a unique gift to offer to your world.

But in most situations, you aren’t encouraged to be different. Or given a place to strengthen what makes you different, so you can truly make a difference.

So naturally, you doubt our visions. You doubt your leadership and impact. Ultimately, you doubt yourself.

All the while investing more into finding one more secret to success, or following another expert’s best practices, or taking another class/certification, or trying to replicate someone else’s success through their “proven 7-step process”, only to find that it’s not resulting in you what you want.

We created the Courage Gym as an antidote to the world telling you you need to do it their way.

Instead, with the weekly coaching sessions and workshops, you will embrace your unique path to impact, influence, and income.

Using our D.E.A.L. Transformation Framework, each month, you will Discover, Experiment, Apply, and Leverage another component of your courage muscle to continuously take to level up your actions and being that will lead to the powerful results you know you are capable of bringing to your world.

Come experience yourself at your fullest – we welcome it and we welcome you.

What Outliers say about working with Niiamah


1. What is the Courage Gym?

The Courage Gym is a paid coaching community with members who participate in online coaching experiences where they can put into practice the vision of themselves that is called for the level of impact they desire.

The courage gym design promotes courageously building the muscles, strength, and flexibility of the next level of your leadership and impact mindset.

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2. How does a Courage Gym Guest Experience work?

The Courage Gym Guest Experience is a 14-day complimentary guest pass to experience the transformations possible for you as an ongoing member of the Courage Gym.

Your Courage Gym Experience is uniquely designed to a) serve you powerfully in your leadership journey through the model of coaching, community, and co-creation and b) provide you with an experience of the support we bring within the full Courage Gym should you be admitted as an ongoing member.

The Courage Gym Workshop is an online community workshop bringing together leaders to equip yourself with powerful tools and approaches as Niiamah facilitates live workshops with activities, breakouts, and masterminds on different topics to transform the way you show up in the world.

The Courage Gym Coaching is an online community coaching session where participants get coached live on the real-time, real-world challenges you are facing and possibilities you are creating to help you uncover and address the mindsets, limiting beliefs, and blind-spots that are holding you back in any moment.

3. What’s the cost to participate?

I’m inviting you as my guest. This is my gift to you: a gift of bringing together powerful, growth-oriented leaders for a unique life-changing experience where you have the freedom to experiment, not know the right answer, and be messy as you express what is needed for your growth.

As such, this is a complimentary experience of our paid Courage Gym. There is no financial investment at this time to participate in these 14 days.

You will have the opportunity to apply for ongoing full membership during your guest experience at the current monthly or annual membership dues.

Please note: This is a one-time offering. If you sign up and do not participate, an additional invitation is not guaranteed.

4. Will there be recordings of the sessions available?

Yes. Recordings from sessions are typically made available to those signed up within 48 hours. The recordings are also included in our library of resources made available for publicly throughout the Niiamah Ashong platform at a later date.

5. Who is Niiamah Ashong?

Niiamah Ashong’s life and soul’s purpose is to Champion the Leaders who are Shaping the Next Era of Humanity.

He does this as a Coach and Sherpa to high-perfoming Trailblazers who are on the journey of making their unique contribution to create new paths to success for themselves and others.

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Celebrating Outliers: Case Studies and Outlier Journey Stories​

Outlier Testimonials

Through really insightful questioning, Niiamah was able to tease out a part of my personality and life-story that I don’t often talk about, and to recognise this as a key differentiator I could use in service to my clients.

 I have a much clearer strategy now for targeting the right clients, at the right price-point. One that will allow me to maintain the passion + work-life balance I’m looking for.
Georgina H.
The fact that I had been coached to state my desires with clarity the manifestation of those desires became very important.

 So I took an empowered step of action and reached out to someone and shared my desire and landed a speaking that took me before an auditorium that seated 300 people.

 My original intent was to speak once and I was ask to speak 4 times!

 Within a month I had gone from talking about becoming more present on social media to leading a private group of 100.

 Within two months I had started developing an online course that has the potential to yield $10K per month.
Karen G.
Coach and Community Leader
The space he holds is amazing because of his presence, power and calmness.

 I’m able to really lean into what’s going on for me in the moment, whatever that is. I feel safe and trust.

 The insights I had from sessions with Niiamah resulted for me in stepping more and more into my own power.

 Bringing the raw and pure version of me into the world.

 I also tend to move fast and think big, so my challenge is to slow down over and over again. He helps me do that and brings me back to one step at the time. Which results in experiencing more freedom and space.

 And because of that space my ideas come alive way better, faster and intenser, with less effort and no pressure.
Sanne M
High-Level Coach

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