Join The TRailblazer Collective

A Community of Practice where Leaders and Entrepreneurs
shaping the next era of our world
can safely and bravely practice being all of who you are in order to
bring your next level of success and impact to life.

You are meant to make your unique impact on your world. Let us help you become the Change Leader who does.

7 Challenges Trailblazing Leaders Face on the Quest to Greater Impact

Have you tried to answer this calling and been confronted with any of these common challenges?

Challenge 1 – Right Path:
You have created your life in a rather unconventional way, achieving a track record of success through paths most people wouldn’t take (or even know about).

But now you work hard to follow best practices, implement other people’s advice, and do what the experts say should work with little return.

Challenge 2 – Monetization:
You feel a responsibility to help others who are struggling through an experience you are passionate about.

But you don’t know how to translate your passion, experience, and creativity into something that can move people forward, sustain your livelihood, and be paid for it.

Challenge 3 – Visibility:
You strive to truly express yourself, to be seen as you truly are, and to have your stories / experiences be shared out in the world.

But it requires a level of courage, confidence, and clarity that you struggle to consistently access.

Challenge 4 – Peer Group:
You are a high-performer and high-flyer who craves exponential growth and recognizes that part of the path to consistent growth is to learn new things and to

But you have difficulty finding people who can help inspire you, challenge your ideas, and collaborate with you to make greater impact.

Challenge 5 – Identity:
You feel called to do something about the world’s most important problems and injustices – and you’re doing things now.

But you question whether you have anything to bring to the table and whether anyone would listen/follow if you did step up to the next level.

Challenge 6 – Sacrifice:
To get to where you are now came at the cost of your energy, standard of living, and risk-tolerance.

But for what’s coming next, you no longer want to put in what it took earlier and you can’t see another way to get to where you want to go without sacrificing once again.

Challenge 7 – Plateau:
You got to where you are by making a lot of mistakes and learning from experimentation, success, and failures along the way.

But now you’re in a position where it no longer feels safe to take risks, make mistakes, say the wrong thing, or fail – and you notice your growth and impact plateauing.

Overcoming these challenges requires more than just information or an intellectual decision.

It requires the courage to move beyond your personal comfort-zone and status quo to embark on a journey that will elevate you into the leader who can address this at your next level.

And a place where you can experiment, fail, and share successes as you integrate what it now takes to accomplish this. 

You are meant to Change Your World

I think a part of you already knows that you’re destined to make an impact – a calling to contribute what you can to make your difference.

You know that even with all the success that you’ve already accomplished in your life, there’s still something greater that you’re here to do.

And right now, you’re ready to step up and be that leader and to create that which is being called forth from you.

And yet, it’s hard to find other people who can help cultivate and bring that out of you.

We got your back.


The world is ripe for the SHAPING...

The world as we know it is rapidly changing.

And what most people see as Uncertainty, we recognize differently: Malleability – the ability to change into a new shape.

The previously rigid systems, institutions, norms, and ways things have always been done are all up for reforming, redefining, and reimagining.

To bring that forth, we need a different set of approaches, possibilities, and leads to come together and help determine what the world will look like going forward.

We need you. And we need you to answer your calling – however that manifests for you.

Why do these challenges keep showing up?

You are a Trailblazer.

We use the word ‘Trailblazer’ very intentionally, because you are out there creating a path where other people haven’t been able to yet.

You are part of a group of people who are changing the status quo of everything around them, simply by the way that they exist.

And it’s because of your unique experiences because of the way that you uniquely see the world that this is possible.

You’ve been one of the few, one of the first, or one of a kind in most that you’ve accomplished.

Now it’s time to bring you together with others like you, so you can accelerate your income, influence, and impact.

As such, we have created the collective in a way that really supports you with where you are in a moment where you’re looking ahead, to get to

So I invite you come and join us.

Trailblazer Collective: Your safe space to experiment with your unique leadership and excavate your truth and unique power within you.

If you're the most interesting person in the room, you're in the wrong room...

The Trailblazer Collective is a group of your peers: globally-minded, socially-conscious, and impact driven leaders who are answering their own personal calling to create what their world needs right now.

This is a group of people who have come together because they’re looking for a safe place to practice being the leader, they know that they can be.

This is a place where we come together, and honestly, we fail. We make mistakes. It’s a place to be messy.

When you join the Collective, you’ll be surrounded with a group of unconventional, non-traditional leaders from various backgrounds and professional ventures.

What Trailblazers say about working with Niiamah

We’re co-creating a container where you can:

  • Feel a little inspired AND a little intimidated by every other person there
  • Never get too big/much/intense
  • Be messy (in fact we encourage and create space for it!)
  • Play at your edge and your fullest – you don’t have to worry about being humble, coming off arrogant, or being seen as cocky
  • Play with a new way of being and showing up in the world
  • Gain frameworks, tools, and experiences
  • Discover, embrace, and leverage your unique gifts/talents
  • Step out of your comfort-zone 
  • Slow down and get perspective on where you are right now and where you are headed
  • Challenge yourself and others in meaningful ways towards growing more as an individual and leader
  • Cultivate the energy to make your unique contribution
  • Create life-long friendships with a group of peers who hold you truly accountable – not to your actions but to your true potential and self
  • Integrate more of you into the work you do and impact you make 
  • Stop settling for the status quo
  • Be recognized, celebrated, and valued as you truly are

The Trailblazer Collective is a Community of Practice to incubate and accelerate your ideas, your leadership, and what it is that you are here to bring out into the world.

How the Trailblazer Collective Works

The Trailblazer Collective is not a training. It’s not a workshop. It’s not a class.

The Trailblazer Collective is a COMMUNITY of PRACTICE.

It’s your “Courage Gym”, a space where you can safely and courageously build the muscles. strength, and flexibility of the next level of your leadership and impact mindset.

We’ve curated a group of your peers and created a personalized transformation experience through coaching and conversation to help you.

"Think about one other place in your world right now where you have an opportunity to come in, brainstorm with someone else whenever you need.

 Or where you can bring in your challenges, not just the surface level challenge but also the deep fears, insecurities, doubts and beliefs that you are keeping you from showing up fully.

 Think about a place in your life right now where you can go to and when you explain things, people are curious about it, with a level of curiosity that helps you get to the real truth of the matter and distill the thoughts that are floating in your mind and on your heart.

  This is the space where that happens. We see people do incredible things in short periods of time.

  And I invite you to come be a part of all this here."

Niiamah Ashong

As a member of the Trailblazer Collective, you will participate in...

Monthly Collective Workshops

Equip yourself with powerful tools and approaches as Niiamah facilitates live workshops and activities on a different topics to transform the way you show up in the world.

Monthly Collective Coaching

Get coached live on the real-time, real-world challenges you are facing and possibilities you are creating to help you uncover and address the mindsets, limiting beliefs, and blind-spots that are holding you back in any moment

Monthly Collective Collaborations

Collaborate live with your fellow Trailblazer to give and receive real-time feedback, support, and thought-partnership through a variety of conversations and formats designed to tap into the unique experiences, strengths, and perspectives of each member

Monthly Collective Social Hangouts

Deepen relationships amongst your fellow Collective Members to get to know each other better and foster even more trust to be even more courageous through live connection gatherings like coffee chats and beyond.

Semi-Annual Collective Virtual Intensives

Dive deep on a theme during the 2-day live learning experience designed to challenge your thinking, accelerate the creation of your vision, and hone the components of leadership that will elevate your impact.

Weekly Courage Quests

Practice expanding your range and stepping out of your comfort-zone in your everyday life through the Questions, Invitations, and Challenges.

Daily Featured Trailblazer Hot Seat

Receive the attention of the entire collective to support your challenge or opportunity on the day you are featured within the collective.

Daily Supportive Online Community Interactions

Focus on learning, connecting, and experimenting without the distractions of social media and the judgement of others on the private, dedicated online community platform.

On-Demand Library of Recordings

Access recordings of gatherings to watch what you miss, discover new insights, or learn from a new perspective (e.g. as a facilitator or coach rather than a participant so you can bring to your work)

Get to Know Niiamah and other Trailblazers

Watch a Public Trailblazer Gathering in Action:

What we'll work on together...

While there is a structure and framework in place for the experience, the learning objectives and corresponding activites, coaching, and conversations will be set by you and the others in the room around the pathways of highest growth when it comes to your next level.

Prior to becoming a member of the Trailblazer Collective, each person completes an application, which will also help you capture what your opportunities, challenges, fears, dreams, and expressions surround your next level.

I then meet with each person individually to curate the group and help you navigate this as a personalized program for you – because at the level everyone in that room is playing, a “cookie-cutter” or “7 steps to riches” process won’t serve you powerfully.

Growth Pathways we explore include (but are not limited to):

Your Vision

Clarify and visualize the possibility that you are working towards in the growth of your impact and life, so that you can lead yourself and others to that goal.

Your Strategy

Develop a personalized compass to help you understand the next step in any situation, enabling you to take the right actions and accelerate towards your vision.

Your Mindset

Discover the assumptions and beliefs that drive your world view, identify which ones are helping you and which are holding you back, and adopt an intentional mindset to support your success.

Your Unique Advantage

Identify you unique strengths, talents, and gifts that when utilized can help you achieve your vision with exponential speed and results.

Your Energy

Increase your time around the activities, people, and environments that will energize you so that you can dedicate your energy towards the most impactful elements of your business.

Your Tribe

Build peer groups, networks, and relationships that are based on and bring out your natural self to create an ecosystem of partners with appropriate boundaries to help your vision thrive

Your Visibility

Show up in your world in alignment with a level of visibility that resonates with your vision and your strategy, so that your tribe can see you for who you are, what you stand for, and what they stand to gain by belonging to your world.

Your Leadership

Bring your possibilities to life confidently and spend more time leveraging your unique advantages to allow you to galvanize your team towards your common goals.

This experience is NOT for the settler, the dabbler, or the dweller.

This is a community of practice specifically curated such that each person is an action taker in their own right.

We should each (myself included) be a little bit inspired and a little bit intimidated by the others in the room.

As such, there is a high bar to entry. You can’t simply buy your way into this experience. 

Here’s a minimum investment for the Next Level Intensive

  • Financial investment:
    • Standard Lifetime Rate: $5000/annually (or $500/monthly)
    • Special Founding Pioneer Lifetime Rate
      (limited offering):
      $3000/annually (or $300/monthly)

  • Time investment: 5 hours a month
    • This is really based on your dedication. There are far more than 5 hours of live support offered each month. You are not expected to attend every gathering, and recordings are available for your benefit afterwards. Some months you’ll exceed this and others will be less – there is flexibility to support you and what you need.
  • Energy investment: You’ll be playing out of your typical zones of comfort and excellence. You’ll be invited to play at a whole new level to the extent that you are committed to your own growth. NOTE: This is is typically the most challenging of all investments to make as “life-changing” is the minimum threshold we hold for each gathering.

a peer group of globally minded, socially conscious, impact driven leaders who will inspire and challenge you as they do the same alongside you.

Get to Know Niiamah and other Trailblazers

Celebrating Trailblazers: Case Studies and Trailblazer Journey Stories

Trailblazer Testimonials

Through really insightful questioning, Niiamah was able to tease out a part of my personality and life-story that I don’t often talk about, and to recognise this as a key differentiator I could use in service to my clients.

 I have a much clearer strategy now for targeting the right clients, at the right price-point. One that will allow me to maintain the passion + work-life balance I’m looking for.
Georgina H.
The fact that I had been coached to state my desires with clarity the manifestation of those desires became very important.

 So I took an empowered step of action and reached out to someone and shared my desire and landed a speaking that took me before an auditorium that seated 300 people.

 My original intent was to speak once and I was ask to speak 4 times!

 Within a month I had gone from talking about becoming more present on social media to leading a private group of 100.

 Within two months I had started developing an online course that has the potential to yield $10K per month.
Karen G.
Coach and Community Leader
The space he holds is amazing because of his presence, power and calmness.

 I’m able to really lean into what’s going on for me in the moment, whatever that is. I feel safe and trust.

 The insights I had from sessions with Niiamah resulted for me in stepping more and more into my own power.

 Bringing the raw and pure version of me into the world.

 I also tend to move fast and think big, so my challenge is to slow down over and over again. He helps me do that and brings me back to one step at the time. Which results in experiencing more freedom and space.

 And because of that space my ideas come alive way better, faster and intenser, with less effort and no pressure.  
Sanne M
High-Level Coach

Ready to take yourself and your life/business/career to the next level?

Great – Here’s how we move forward:

Step 1: RSVP for the next *Complimentary* Collective Experience (button below)

Step 2: Give yourself the gift of being served through the Courage Gym workout by playing full-out during the 2 sessions Collective Experience

Step 3: Co-Create your Trailblazer Collecitve full membership journey with Niiamah through an “Alignment” conversation on a video conference where we will begin immediate and complimentary coaching, discuss your goals, and begin mapping the best path for you to be supported long-term.

Important: One of my primary life distinctions is to SERVE rather than PLEASE. If I feel this experience won’t serve you for now, I will be honest and explore other ways to serve you. This may include video resources, an invite-only experience session, a different way for us to co-create, or even referring you to other people who could serve you more fully right now.

Your Very Next Step: RSVP for your Complimentary Collective Experience via the button below if you’d like to be served in some way and trust that we’ll find the best way to help you move forward on your journey to your next level and beyond. See you there!

Meet Your Trailblazer Collective Guide, Niiamah Ashong

Outlier vs Outsider

For most of my life I thought I was an Outsider. I was actually an Outlier. 

One of the only students of color in my gifted class. One of the only in my high school to be accepted into an Ivy League University. One of the only graduates to pursue a career as an actuary. And one of the only black actuaries in my field and black employees in my tech company.

Pioneer vs Programmer

For most of my life I thought I was a Programmer. I was actually an Pioneer. 

I started my career programming complex models into spreadsheets. And then began creating and facilitating learning programs to support employees bringing their “best self to work, so they could do their best work” everyday.

But I was also “programmed” – by my upbringing, my schooling, my culture – to believe that I needed to fit in. The truth was that I’m not supposed to fit in. 

I’m a Pioneer. I think differently. I’m meant to stand out. 

As Edward Kennedy said in the eulogy of his brother Robert Kennedy: “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.”

Maverick vs Maven
For most of my life, I tried to be an expert – a maven. I was actually a maverick. 

A maven is a trusted expert in their field. From a young age, I aspired to be an expert.

I became known as such an expert that I worked as a consultant for one of the world’s top consulting firms. And I was an actuary – one of the most specialized careers on the planet. 

What I missed in my career as an expert is that I’m actually too unorthodox and independent-minded to be an expert in the normal sense of the world.

It’s why I had to leave behind a lucrative career that many people aspire to have.

And it’s in that overlap as an Outlier, Pioneer, and Maverick where I show up as a Trailblazer.  

My name is Niiamah Ashong

Leaders come to me… to understand, design and model new and complex plans. 

Leaders come to me… to launch something when they can’t figure out how.

Leaders come to me… when they’re tired of conventional success and they’re ready to create their next act. 

If you’re there kind of person who breaks the rules to get things done… If you are known for saying, Why not? If you are unorthodox and independent-minded… If you’re an expert in your field… and it’s no longer enough… Then you and I should have a conversation. 

RSVP for the upcoming Traiblazer Collective Experience using the button, and we’ll continue from there.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The Trailblazer Collective is built with a global mindset from the very beginning, so live gatherings are set to accommodate multiple timezones.

Start times vary, with the majority being in the mornings or evenings Eastern (New York City).

Generally, we aim for or around 8 pm Eastern or 9 am Eastern as start times.

There are no expectations around time commitments.

However, if you decide to attend a gathering, make the commitment to be fully present.

We currently meet on average 4 times a month, once per week, in live, synchronous gatherings.

Sessions are 60 mins long (unless otherwise noted).

As time goes on, we will also be increasing the number of gatherings per week.

Think of the Trailblazer Collective as your Courage Gym – where you get a mental workout rather than a physical one.

We have our equivalents of “Pilates at 9 AM”, “Ab Blasters at 12PM”, and “Strength Training at 8 PM”.

You are not expected to attend all sessions.

We also have asychronous activities to build your courage muscle and beyond that occur on a regular basis.

Yes, recordings from sessions are typically available within 48 hours of the sessions. They are shared privately within the Trailblazer Collective via our Community platform.

The Trailblazer Collective is an eclectic group of people who tend to be “One of the First”, “One of the Only”, or “One of a Kind” in several areas of their life.
One of our Guiding Principle is based on Inclusion. As such, we intentionally bring in people from different walks of life, professions, and experiences.
Our objective in gathering people from different backgrounds is to stimulate new ideas, practice true inclusion, and own the uniqueness in yourself to increase your impact, influence, and income.
You’ll be in a peer group of Entreprenuers, Thought Leaders, Business Leaders, Activists, Coaches, Consultants, Movement Leaders, and more.

About the Trailblalzer Collective

This community comes together to champion and co-create the next era of humanity. 

At this critical juncture in human history, members of this community are stepping up to play an important role in developing “what’s next” for our society. 

Being a part of this community equips these leaders to take on this epic quest together. 

Without this community, those in our world will struggle as they apply old techniques and outdated thinking to a radically changed landscape. 

The unique innovations brought to life as a result of the connections, creativity, leadership, and practices cultivated in this space will contribute to the new paths forward people can take in our “new normal”. 

Each member will be able to go to bed at night knowing that they are in alignment with their higher purpose, creating meaningful impact, and belonging with a collective of world-changers.  

We are purpose-guided, impact driven leaders who create products, offer services, and organize people for the ongoing betterment of the world. 

We are united in our pursuit of making a positive impact in the world and doing it by leveraging who we are and our unique points of views.

We are “different-minded; like-hearted” leaders who choose to leverage what makes us different to make a difference.  

Value: Counter-intuition
Value in Action: Model our desired future now

We practice being the leaders we are meant to be in the current moment.

Our vision of the future is a place that we come from in all interactions.

We are creators who leverage our individual awesomeness to collaborate and bring to life things that wouldn’t be possible alone. 

Value: Creativity
Value in Action: Be More You

We come together to bring forth more of who we are in order to make a more profound impact in the world.

We leverage our uniqueness to help shape the world around us.

Value: Community
Value in Action: Build Meaningful Relationships

We choose to interact with each other from fundamentallly different paradigms than most traditional spaces.

We prioritize, encourage, and request:

    • Relationship over Connection 
    • Depth over Scale
    • Questions over Answers
    • Curiosity over Answers
    • Serving over Pleasing
    • Messiness over Repression
    • Belonging over Fitting in
    • “Like-hearted” over “Like-minded”

Value: Collaborate
Value in Action: Co-Create Possibilities Worth Pursuing

We acknowledge that the world around us (e.g. the systems, norms, products, best practices, etc) has been shaped by people before us – both intentionally and accidentally.

We step up to co-create a vision of the world that shaped by the possibilities that we hold in our heads and hearts.

We create space for our possibilities by creating space for other people’s possibilities.

We seek ways to enhance and accelerate our visions collectively.

Value: Care
Value in Action: Give and Grow Abundantly

We believe that everyone is already enough.

We hold true that there is enough for everyone.

We take care of ourselves in order to better serve others – to have both the energy and the capability to grow beyond that which we can do alone.

We recognize the force of scarcity and choose to start from power of abundance instead, knowing that whatever we choose to give will come back to us in a meaningful way.