29: Know that there are Opportunities You are not Aware of Available to You (Danilo Vicioso – Entrepreneur, Influencia.io)


Today’s conversation with Danilo Vicioso explores how you can create, discover, and explore opportunities for your career growth, even when it doesn’t look you you have any other options available to you.

Danilo’s story is full of going against the odds to create empjoyment and doing so right now in the current moment (rather than waiting for circumstances, permission, or approval from friends/family).


Listen to this episode now to learn how to:

  • Move forward toward your own definition of empjoyment even when you’re already experiencing what others might consider success
  • Recover from being turned down from a job opportunity when you feel you have no other options available to you (and how to uncover all of the options that actually exist for you)
  • Build your own company right now while working at a job or learning  at school

TL;DL (Too long; Didn’t Listen): 3 Actionable Takeaways

  • Take it upon yourself to surround yourself with people and environments that will fuel you in a positive direction, even when it’s unpopular to do so
  • Remind yourself there are always more opportunities available for you – some of which you might have to create for yourself through bold decisions and actions
  • Offer your skills and talents to others to feel a higher level of joy, purpose, and impact through your work

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From Insight to Action

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – Jiddu Krishnamurti 

Danilo’s recommended joyney for the next 7 days is quite simple: “Find one person who is in a role that you want and schedule a 15-20 minute conversation with them”.

#Joyney29:   Come tell us your biggest insight from the conversation that you had within  Empjoyment Community. (Nice and simple!)


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Getting to Know Today’s Featured Empjoyee: Danilo Vicioso!

Danilo Vicioso is a American Dominican who graduates from the University of Delaware in 2018 with a degree in Economics.

After working on his own startup for the first five years of his business life, he began learning about the tech industry in the Fall of 2016 and made the transition the next summer.

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