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Become an impactful leader who elevates your world.

Navigate the uncharted territory of leveraging your experience and expertise to make a real impact in the world through a special group coaching experience with other Trailblazers.


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  1. "Leading A mission so powerful nothing can stop you"
    March 2020

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Together, we'll explore your personalized path to:

  1. Discover and EMBRACE a mission so powerful and authentic to you that no one and nothing can stop you
  2. Align your current actions, job, clients, etc with the vision you have for your future
  3. Start living and leading a version of your desired future today
  4. Practice methods to enroll others into your vision of the future, even and especially when it looks drastically different from today


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About the Trailblazer Game Experience

Activate, Lead, and Grow your movement to the next level of impact!

The Trailblazer Game was created to help you and your Trailblazer peers to overcome the fears and challenges associated with stepping up to play the World-Changing game by creating an environment where you can safely and bravely *practice* being the powerful and authentic leader you are called to be for yourself and those you lead.


This is not a training. It's not a webinar. It's not an online class. We are not here to provide you with information, inspiration, or motivation.

Instead, we've curated a a group of your peers and created a personalized transformation experience through coaching and conversation to help you:

  • Gain frameworks, tools, and experiences to help you navigate the wilderness beyond your status quo.
  • Discover, embrace, and leverage your unique gifts/talents that gets you exponential results more effortlessly
  • Be recognized, celebrated, and valued as you truly are, so you can create a bigger impact, influence, and income going forward.
  • Integrate more of you into the work you do and impact you make in a way that aligns with and augments your environment and culture
  • Stop settling for the status quo in your life and business
  • Step out of your comfort-zone to get what you truly want in life, work, and relationships
  • Experience the exponential success you want rather than settle for the conventional success and expectations of others

You are here to make your unique impact on the world. Become a leader who does.

Join our tribe to participate in powerful conversations, coaching, and community to support your journey of blazing your own unconventional trail to success and impact. 

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