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Here’s How A Collective of Leaders and Entrepreneurs Can Help You Reach Your Next Level of Success

The powerful yet simple approach that Leaders and Entrepreneurs across the globe are using to get more opportunities, build relationships with successful people and to achieve their ultimate goals.

Become rich in long-lasting connections and remarkable opportunities that let you impact your world.

Step Into A Room of Powerful Unconventional Leaders

If you are a leader or top-performing entrepreneur in your industry, then this is your chance to reach your next level of success.

The Trailblazer Collective is a group of leaders who have consistently defied the odds to success now sharing their super power secrets for business and personal growth.

We’ve built a community where members help each other to reach new heights that they never imagined possible.

Because we understand how frustrating it can be to navigate the lonely road of success even while surrounded by others.

And during this journey, I’m right there with you —growing together…

It’s the reason the Collective has attracted industry leaders and business superstars who want to help you get ahead and who want to speak to those with more insight.  

And all our members have one thing in common…

Like you, they want to have more impact in life but settled or needed to move forward at a faster pace.

The Collective serves the purpose of helping you to execute and make real progress. 

But before I tell you exactly how the Collective can help speed up your success…

Here are some of the challenges our members go through before joining:

Challenge 1 – Do you unexpectedly get results fast —but still put more trust in other people’s advice?

Challenge 2 – Are you passionate about helping others but often aren’t rewarded for the time you give?

Challenge 3 – Do you wish to be seen in the world for who you really are but struggle to find the courage to put yourself out there?

Challenge 4 – Is finding other high-performance people a rare occurrence?

Challenge 5 – Do you feel like you have the potential to impact the world after you figure yourself out?

Challenge 6 – Do you feel the same methods you took to get success are now holding you back from the life you want?

Challenge 7 – Do you believe that you have the mindset to grow but current circumstances slow you down?

If any of these challenges apply to you, know that you’re not alone…

And that the approach you’re about to see has been a breakthrough for top performers all around the globe.

What I’m about to share isn’t another course, book or online forum.

It’s a powerful opportunity for those who have a vision and massive value to contribute.

Because being part of this collective, means you’ll wake up every day with an entire team of partners to lean on.

The anxiety you used to feel about not being good enough (or being too much) will melt away as you can finally be yourself.

Success will make you smile, instead of being so lonely.

Even the work you’re doing will feel fresh despite the fact you’re accomplishing so much more.

And because you are being authentic, you’ll have more control over what happens next.

Because the Trailblazer Collective is about being real, vulnerable and honest.

Come and forge the new path to your next BIG success.

How One New Idea Can Change Your World

As I said, I’m here to help you forge your new path to success. 

And as someone who has coached high-performers from different industries and helped them achieve their BIG dreams…

You know as well as I do, that you’re capable of more.

Maybe you’ve always found it easy to achieve and recently wanted to have more impact on the world…

For others, like me, there was a turning point where I realised I could have a greater impact on the world. 

See, my story is one of longing, loneliness and potential.

At just 7-years old, it became clear that I would never ‘fit in’.

I did everything I could to fight being different.

For the first 30-years of my life, I repressed who I was because I believed my true self would make me stand out…

And that if I stood out, I wouldn’t be successful –which to me, meant blending in like everyone else.

Despite trying to be like everyone else, I was in a gifted class, I was accepted into an Ivy League University and one of the only black employees in the company I ended up joining.

While watching a documentary one night, I realised that I’d been dimming my light, hiding my talents and fighting destiny for nearly 30-years.

In the same way that many high-performing people do…

And it was when I finally accepted my identity that real success came to me.

The breakthrough that I had changed my life and has done the same for those who now know this secret…

Which is why I want to share my secret with you.

Because you have the ability to have a real and profound impact on the world.

The Powerful Secret to Your Next Success

High performing leaders and entrepreneurs commonly talk about two phases…

In some cases, they feel like tall poppies, sticking out and doing everything to fit in, and yet success still comes their way with little work…

Or in other cases, high-achievers work hard, even trying unconventional approaches, only to be called ‘talented’ or ‘lucky’.

I often hear that despite the success you’ve achieved, you still don’t feel fulfilled.

Because deep down, you know that you have the power to change your world.

And yet, doing what you’ve always done isn’t helping you to answer your calling.

There’s something missing.

You might think that trial and error or ‘figuring it out’ is the answer. And this is a natural response because you’re used to doing things alone in the world of success.  Even when you’re surrounded by others.

But the real reason most high performers fail isn’t that they don’t have the passion, drive or intelligence…

It’s because they believe the best way to forge a new pathway is to do it alone.

Yet this is the same level of thinking that led to feeling unfulfilled in the first place.

And when you chase big dreams alone, you miss the opportunity that other high-performers can offer. You may even doubt yourself and plateau.

Which is why I’ve created a Collective where high-performers can build their legacy.

How You Can Easily Reach New Heights

The ‘Trailblazer Collective’ is the Courage Gym bringing together high-performance leaders and entrepreneurs.   can share successful ideas and push each other to reach new heights.

We use the word ‘Trailblazer’ intentionally.

Because as a Trailblazer you are creating a unique path to impact the world.  A path where no one else has been able to before.

See, we realized how challenging it can be to move from where you are now to where you want to be.

As such, we created the collective as a space where leaders can support each other, keep each other accountable and most of all create your legacy. 

And as someone who is changing the status quo in your industry, we’re connecting you with others on the same journey.  A journey to speed up your influence, income and impact.

This is a community of exceptional people.  A community where being remarkable isn’t remarkable, it’s normal.

As such, we invite you to come join us.

Find the game-changing skills and talents that make you unique and leverage this to blaze a path towards your next success.

If you're the most interesting person in the room, you're in the wrong room...

The ‘Trailblazer Collective’ is a group of driven leaders who were once siloed superheroes fighting to impact their world.

These are high performance people who know that the answers to don’t reside with friends and family or talent.

You’re probably thinking, “Maybe I’m not ready to join?”

And I get it, it can be intimidating to be around high achievers just like you.

But the truth is, the people who inspire and intimidate you a little bit are the ones who can help you to grow.

And the ‘Courage Gym’ isn’t about beating each other down.  You will build the muscles in our mind by making mistakes, being messy and facing adversity.

The only obligation to joining the ‘Trailblazer Collective’ is that you have a dream. And if you have a dream, be willing to be an unconventional non-traditional leader to get it.

What Trailblazers say about working with Niiamah

The Courage Gym is a place where you can…

  • Feel inspired and intimidated to reach your goals (get the right advice to create your future).
  • Use the ‘brain-booster sessions’ to get messy (in fact, messy thinking is safe and will grow your business faster.)
  • Stand out as who you really are –quickly gaining the courage to be successful as yourself. (Throwing away the old advice you’ve been told.)
  • Get access to the very best frameworks, tools and high performance growth techniques so you can impact your world. .
  • Discover your unique gifts and talents so you realise your value.
  • Use a little-known technique I share to break out of your comfort zone and accelerate your results.
  • Slow down, get perspective on where you are and gain control over your next steps.
  • Showcase your skills and re-define the rates you’re charging for your time.
  • Stop settling for the status quo and take meaningful action.
  • Challenge yourself and others to make bold life-changing moves.
  • Create fulfilling life-long partnerships with peers which grow exponentially over time.
  • Cultivate the right energy to reach your ideal future (and the needed effort).

The Trailblazer Collective is a Courage Gym that lets you build the mindset you need to impact the world.

How the Trailblazer Collective Works

The Trailblazer Collective will keep you committed, on-track and following the right steps to get where you want to be.

It’s your ‘Courage Gym’ to build the muscles and flexibility that will take you to your next level of impact.

First, everyone submits an application.  This way you’re connected with people who have similar opportunities, challenges, fears, dreams.  People who are committed to success.

Then, we hand pick a group and guide the experience. The experience is a balance of personalized transformation coaching and conversation.

You’ll decide what you want to achieve. And we will help you set your goals and actions.  Once in the group, we will schedule your coaching alongside the others in the room.

As a Courage Gym member you’ll have the opportunity to bounce ideas with the other high-performers.  You’ll also build relationships that will grow in value over time.

"Think about one other place in your world right now where you have an opportunity to come in, brainstorm with someone else whenever you need.

 Or where you can bring in your challenges, not just the surface level challenge but also the deep fears, insecurities, doubts and beliefs that you are keeping you from showing up fully.

 Think about a place in your life right now where you can go to and when you explain things, people are curious about it, with a level of curiosity that helps you get to the real truth of the matter and distill the thoughts that are floating in your mind and on your heart.

  This is the space where that happens. We see people do incredible things in short periods of time.

  And I invite you to come be a part of all this here."

Niiamah Ashong

As a member of the Trailblazer Collective, we build your mindset muscles through…

Monthly Collective Workshops

Get access to powerful tools and approaches. Niiamah will facilitate live workshops and activities on different topics.  And these topics will bring you closer to your greater purpose.

Monthly Collective Coaching

Get coached live as we walk through real-world challenges you are facing.  By bringing these challenges to the surface, you can uncover and address them. These sessions will reveal mindsets, limiting-beliefs, and blind-spots that are holding you back.

Monthly Collective Collaborations

Collaborate live with your fellow Trailblazer to give and receive real-time feedback.  You will have the chance to support and work through a variety of conversations and formats.  Formats designed to tap into the experiences, strengths, and perspectives of each member.

Monthly Collective Social Hangouts

Get to know your fellow Collective Members. You’ll connect through coffee chats and much more.  Each chat will foster trust leading to more value and impact for your goals.

Semi-Annual Collective Virtual Intensives

Take a powerful deep dive into your thinking.  By diving deep, you will accelerate your vision over our multi-day live training.  (This session could be the most important event for your success all year.)

Weekly Courage Quests

Expand your range by stepping out of your comfort-zone.  Following through on each Courage Quest will give you more courage in your day to day life.  You’ll be set questions, invitations, and challenges.

Daily Featured Trailblazer Hot Seat

Have the collective minds of our Traiblazers as they zone in on your biggest problem and support you to break down the best approach.  This happens on the day you are featured within the collective.

Daily Supportive Online Community Interactions

Learn, connect, and experiment without the distractions of social media. Instead, see how you can grow on the private, dedicated online community platform.

On-Demand Library of Recordings

Access recordings of gatherings to watch what you miss and discover new insights. (E.g. as a facilitator or coach rather than a participant so you can bring to your work.)

Get to Know Niiamah and other Trailblazers

Watch a Public Trailblazer Gathering in Action:

We’ll work on these growth pathways and more…

Your Vision

Clarify and visualize the possibility that you are working towards in the growth of your impact and life, so that you can lead yourself and others to that goal.

Your Strategy

Develop a personalized compass to help you understand the next step in any situation, enabling you to take the right actions and accelerate towards your vision.

Your Mindset

Discover the assumptions and beliefs that drive your world view, identify which ones are helping you and which are holding you back, and adopt an intentional mindset to support your success.

Your Unique Advantage

Identify you unique strengths, talents, and gifts that when utilized can help you achieve your vision with exponential speed and results.

Your Energy

Increase your time around the activities, people, and environments that will energize you so that you can dedicate your energy towards the most impactful elements of your business.

Your Tribe

Build peer groups, networks, and relationships that are based on and bring out your natural self to create an ecosystem of partners with appropriate boundaries to help your vision thrive

Your Visibility

Show up in your world in alignment with a level of visibility that resonates with your vision and your strategy, so that your tribe can see you for who you are, what you stand for, and what they stand to gain by belonging to your world.

Your Leadership

Bring your possibilities to life confidently and spend more time leveraging your unique advantages to allow you to galvanize your team towards your common goals.

This experience is NOT for the settler, the dabbler, or the dweller.

If I told you that you could be living your dream in the next 6 – 12 months, what would that be worth to you?

A life where you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face because you are time, money and location independent…

Where you have a community of people who are there at the drop of a hat to support you.

A life where your weekly conversations grow your business so you can take care of your family and needs.

Where you can see the look of happiness on your spouse, child or even your own face every day…

Because you know you are secure both financially and emotionally.  All with a powerful group backing you.

What would security and certainty for the rest of your life be worth?

Would you pay $100,000… $50,000 or even $10,000?

Because right now, you can stay supported and on track to creating more impact..

Simply join our powerful community of Trailblazing Leaders.

Here’s the minimum investment for the Courage Gym:

  • Financial investment:
    • Standard Lifetime Rate: $5000/annually (or $500/monthly)
    • Special Founding Pioneer Lifetime Rate
      (limited offering):
      $3000/annually (or $300/monthly)
  • Time investment: 3 hours a month
    This is really based on your dedication. There are far more than 3 hours of live support offered each month.

    You are not expected to attend every gathering, and recordings are available for your benefit afterwards.

    Some months you’ll exceed this and others will be less – there is flexibility to support you and what you need.

Energy investment:
You’ll be playing out of your typical zones of comfort and excellence.

You’ll be invited to play at a whole new level to the extent that you are committed to your own growth.

NOTE: This is typically the most challenging of all investments to make as “life-changing” is the minimum threshold we hold for each gathering.

A Collective Of Socially Conscious, Impact Driven Leaders Who Will Inspire And Challenge You As They Reach For New Heights.

Get to Know Niiamah and other Trailblazers

Celebrating Trailblazers: Case Studies and Trailblazer Journey Stories

Trailblazer Testimonials

Through really insightful questioning, Niiamah was able to tease out a part of my personality and life-story that I don’t often talk about, and to recognise this as a key differentiator I could use in service to my clients.

 I have a much clearer strategy now for targeting the right clients, at the right price-point. One that will allow me to maintain the passion + work-life balance I’m looking for.
Georgina H.
The fact that I had been coached to state my desires with clarity the manifestation of those desires became very important.

 So I took an empowered step of action and reached out to someone and shared my desire and landed a speaking that took me before an auditorium that seated 300 people.

 My original intent was to speak once and I was ask to speak 4 times!

 Within a month I had gone from talking about becoming more present on social media to leading a private group of 100.

 Within two months I had started developing an online course that has the potential to yield $10K per month.
Karen G.
The space he holds is amazing because of his presence, power and calmness.

 I’m able to really lean into what’s going on for me in the moment, whatever that is. I feel safe and trust.

 The insights I had from sessions with Niiamah resulted for me in stepping more and more into my own power.

 Bringing the raw and pure version of me into the world.

 I also tend to move fast and think big, so my challenge is to slow down over and over again. He helps me do that and brings me back to one step at the time. Which results in experiencing more freedom and space.

 And because of that space my ideas come alive way better, faster and intenser, with less effort and no pressure.
Sanne M
Every time I am coached by Niiamah, I am blown away.

No conversation with him is surface level. He has such an innate gift at getting under the surface to the root of the issue. He magically peels back the onion in a way that's both direct and gentle.

Working with Niiamah has allowed me to take risks and accept challenges that I wouldn't have ever considered before. The depth in which our conversations go is unlike any other, and every time I leave our sessions, I feel the heaviness, the doubt and the questions subside.

Instead, I feel powerful...I feel in control...I feel ready to level up...I feel like my light is back.
He's really a one-of-a-kind coach.

With Niiamah, I feel his partnership, his care and his belief in me at every step of my journey.
Kim T

Here’s what I want you to do next:

Ready to take your life, business and career to the next level?

Then you’ve got to apply for our next Collective Experience (link below)…

I’ll be showing you exactly how you can crush some of your most outrageous goals in the next 6 – 12 months (or less) for FREE…

Just an FYI, I’m super picky about who gets in to the full-version of the Collective. 

I know that sounds like a gimmick but the truth is, I don’t let everyone join the Trailblazer Collective.  If you’re seeing this page, you’ve made it past my initial round of testing.  But when it comes to the actual program, I prefer to turn away people rather than let them join.


Because if I curate the right leaders, leaders with the right mindset and motivation, then I’m doing a service for everyone in our group. 

And if I can get the group filled with passionate individuals, well, that’s the only way we can guarantee everyone will reach their ultimate goals.

So if you’re serious about getting results, then…

Step 1: RSVP for the next ‘FREE Collective Experience’ below.

Step 2: Check out the Courage Gym during the 2 sessions you get with the Collective Experience.

Step 3: Make sure to layout what your dream Trailblazer journey looks like alongside Niiamah via a video conversation.  You’ll discuss your goals and map the best path to be supported long-term.

P.S. – One of my primary life distinctions is to SERVE rather than PLEASE. If I feel this experience won’t serve you for now, I will be honest. And I’ll explore other ways to help serve you. This may include video resources, an invite-only experience session, a different way for us to co-create, or even referring you to other people who could serve you more fully right now.

P.P.S – Your Complimentary Collective Experience is completely free, so make sure to access this exclusive one-off opportunity. You will walk away knowing the best steps to take on your journey to creating your legacy.

About Your Trailblazer Collective Guide, Niiamah Ashong

Outlier vs Outsider

For most of my life I thought I was an Outsider. I was actually an Outlier. 

One of the only students of color in my gifted class. One of the only in my high school to be accepted into an Ivy League University. One of the only graduates to pursue a career as an actuary. And one of the only black actuaries in my field and black employees in my tech company.

Pioneer vs Programmer

For most of my life I thought I was a Programmer. I was actually an Pioneer. 

I started my career programming complex models into spreadsheets. And then began creating and facilitating learning programs to support employees bringing their “best self to work, so they could do their best work” everyday.

But I was also “programmed” – by my upbringing, my schooling, my culture – to believe that I needed to fit in. The truth was that I’m not supposed to fit in. 

I’m a Pioneer. I think differently. I’m meant to stand out. 

As Edward Kennedy said in the eulogy of his brother Robert Kennedy: “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.”

Maverick vs Maven
For most of my life, I tried to be an expert – a maven. I was actually a maverick. 

A maven is a trusted expert in their field. From a young age, I aspired to be an expert.

I became known as such an expert that I worked as a consultant for one of the world’s top consulting firms. And I was an actuary – one of the most specialized careers on the planet. 

What I missed in my career as an expert is that I’m actually too unorthodox and independent-minded to be an expert in the normal sense of the world.

It’s why I had to leave behind a lucrative career that many people aspire to have.

And it’s in that overlap as an Outlier, Pioneer, and Maverick where I show up as a Trailblazer.  

My name is Niiamah Ashong

Leaders come to me… to understand, design and model new and complex plans. 

Leaders come to me… to launch something when they can’t figure out how.

Leaders come to me… when they’re tired of conventional success and they’re ready to create their next act. 

If you’re there kind of person who breaks the rules to get things done… If you are known for saying, Why not? If you are unorthodox and independent-minded… If you’re an expert in your field… and it’s no longer enough… Then you and I should have a conversation. 

RSVP for the upcoming Traiblazer Collective Experience using the button, and we’ll continue from there.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The ‘Trailblazer Collective’ is the Courage Gym that will connect you to other high performers who have consistently defied the odds. 

You’ll have myself & a powerful team alongside you. A team you can bounce ideas off, share success pathways with and who keep you accountable towards new heights.

The Collective is perfect for Entrepreneurs, Executives, Thought Leaders, Coaches / Consultants, Authors, Movement leaders, Activists and Organizers.

First, everyone submits an application.  This way you’re connected with people who have similar opportunities, challenges, fears, dreams.  People who are committed to success.

Then, we hand pick a group and guide the experience. The experience is a balance of personalized transformation coaching and conversation.

You’ll decide what you want to achieve. And we will help you set your goals and actions.  Once in the group, we will schedule your coaching alongside the others in the room.

The Trailblazer Collective is built with a global mindset from the very beginning, so live gatherings are set to accommodate multiple timezones.

Start times vary, with the majority being in the mornings or evenings Eastern (New York City).  Generally, we aim for or around 7 pm Eastern or 9 am Eastern as start times.

We ask that you invest at least 3-hours each month.

We understand, things come up, especially when you’re a business owner or entrepreneur.  Recordings are available within 48 hours of each session.  They’re shared privately within the Trailblazer Collective Community platform.

The truth is, our sessions are confronting and even challenging but this is the reason our members make leaps in their business and personal life.

Everyone undergoes a free trial-period before becoming a paid member of the collective.  And this trial period will pull back the curtains on why the Courage Gym is so powerful.

Step 1: RSVP for the next ‘FREE Collective Experience’ on this page.

Step 2: Check out the Courage Gym during the 2 sessions you get with the Collective Experience.

Step 3: Make sure to layout what your dream Trailblazer journey looks like alongside Niiamah via a video conversation.  You’ll discuss your goals and map the best path to be supported long-term.

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