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What’s Your Next Level?

As Trailblazers, you're choosing your own unique path to success at a whole new level.
These resources will give you the courage and guidance to blaze a brave new trail.

“I am an angry black man” – Confessions of my guilty secret

I am an angry black man.

This is the guilty secret that I’m been afraid people will find out.

This is the secret that I’ve been afraid of ejecting me from being an accepted Outlier to a rejected Outcast.

This is the secret that I have to make public now, so that I can be free of the burden and energetic drain it takes to hide it from others.

For what’s coming next, I need to allow myself to step into that which has been uncomfortable and frankly unsafe for me in the past.

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If You Want to Move Others First Move Yourself

Today, we get to share in Trailblazer Robin Eaton’s journey. This powerful person finds herself in a place where she is looking to leverage her skills through the lens of a powerful message. We explore that message and go to a place far deeper and far more central and personalized to Robin’s unique message. 

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