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Your Hero’s Journey

Your Hero’s Journey

1-on-1 Transformational leadership coaching for leaders who actually need to create change.

Live with courage, discover what’s blocking you, clarify your vision, and level up your business while you’re at it.

The stakes are too high to do this alone, don’t settle for:

Top 7 Challenges for Leaders Who Want to Create Change

  1. You strive to counter and elevate through your cultural norms to be able to bring what you need to affect change.
  2. You can’t NOT accomplish your mission but you may be suffering from burnout, loneliness, slipping relationships, or health troubles.
  3. You’re losing sight of your vision while trying to enroll more people into it.
  4. Your definition of success differs from those around you.
  5. You face doubts and limiting beliefs. “What if I’m just crazy?” “What if I’m leading people in the wrong direction?” “What if my goal is too big to be reached?”
  6. You’re surrounded by followers, not other leaders. You need to get support at a high enough level that both challenges your thinking and elevates your ability to execute.
  7. You’re struggling to find someone you call upon to have genuine conversations about how to forge new paths and create better lives for yourself and the people around you.

There’s no glory in burnout.

You can inspire something bigger than yourself without sacrificing your mental health.

Walk Towards Greatness on Transformation Super-highway

Today is the day you transform your leadership identity and rise to the next level your mission requires. Here’s how:

We begin on the inside...

Mindset – Discover the assumptions and beliefs that drive your worldview, identify which ones are helping you and which are holding you back, and adopt an intentional mindset to support your success.

Courage – Take on your biggest challenges and opportunities regardless of how bold or audacious they seem to yourself or others.

Energy – Increase your time around the activities, people, and environments that will energize you so that you can dedicate your energy to the most impactful elements of your business.

Vision – Clarify the possibilities that you are working towards to elevate to your next level of success and create change.

... and then move out

Purpose – Define your mission and bring it to life while remaining in integrity with your intention.

Strategy – Develop a personalized compass to help you recognize the next step in any situation, enabling you to take the right actions and accelerate towards your vision.

Skillset – Identify the unique strengths and skills that can help you achieve exponential results, leverage your strengths to bring your vision to life, and impact others.

Influence – Impact a new era of leaders and create an ecosystem that can handle your extraordinary vision.

Community – Build peer groups, networks, and relationships that bring out your natural self to create an environment of partners with appropriate boundaries to help your vision thrive.

Story – Go beyond “how do I get my message out in the world” and start telling your story in a way that resonates with people so they join the change you’re creating.

What successes have you had? How has your life changed? What were the tiny insights that made the biggest difference?

“Through really insightful questioning, Niiamah was able to tease out a part of my personality and life story that I don’t often talk about and to recognize this as a key differentiator I could use in service to my clients. This was completely tangential to the direction I was taking previously but felt so much more in sync with who I am as a coach and the value that I can bring to my clients.”

Georgina H

Transformational Leadership Coaching

We build a program specifically for you and the challenges you have, around your own time to help you streamline your mission before it slips out of view and create positive change while keeping your mental health and relationships in good shape. An opportunity to prioritize your mind, body, and spirit.

Book a call with Niiamah to build your program and begin your new journey now. Starts at $15K-$75K per year.

Program includes:

  • 1-on-1 Deep coaching sessions with Niiamah as your trusted advisor to help you streamline your vision and uncover blind spots.
  • A safe place where you can bring in your thoughts and vulnerabilities freely.
  • A personalized combination of customized sessions tailored to your needs and aspirations.
    1. 60 to 90-minute deep coaching sessions
    2. 30-minute momentum coaching sessions
    3. 15-minute laser-focused coaching sessions
    4. Over 90-minutes brainstorming sessions
  • Support from your sherpa through every step of your transformational journey and fulfilling your grand mission.
  • Leadership Thinking Tools and Resources to help you address specific pain points as they show up.

What do you like best about working with me?

“I like the fact that you are very present during the coaching call. Your objective is to always serve in a very powerful way. Your objective is to help your clients dream bigger.”

Karen G

Who is it for?

Highly accomplished leaders and trailblazers, who have a massive mission and want Niiamah’s concentrated attention to make an immense impact.

It’s the right place for you, if...

  • You’ve achieved the epitome of your success and you’re hungry for more.
  • You have a track record of success behind you and you’re leading extraordinary people now.
  • Your vision goes beyond increasing your revenue or influencing the people around you.
  • You have a mission so big you can’t complete it on your own.
  • You’re not afraid of making mistakes.

Real Change Leaders. Real Results.

Hi, I’m Niiamah Ashong!

I coach, work with, and help top performers with big missions get to their next level of success. I help ultra-successful people become exceptional leaders and create inspiring environments on both professional and personal levels.

However, I wasn’t always the Niiamah you see today…

For years, I tried to “fit in” and feared being alone, and this consumed all my time and energy.

It took me a long time to embrace the fact that, yes, I’m an Outlier–one of the only–and that, my friend, is when everything changed for me.

My mission is to guide you with unorthodox mindsets and thought-provoking challenges to revolutionize your business, educate more people, inspire a new era of leaders, and bring your vision to the world.

I believe that with a little help you can transform your business and your life. So, I’m inspiring you to take that leap of faith and begin your transformation journey today. Your new leadership identity is waiting.

How I’ve been a Trailblazer over the years:

  • Worked as Actuarial Consultant at one of the top consulting firms on the planet.
  • Became president of multiple boards of non-profit organizations before age 30.
  • Championed global culture and DEI world’s leading independent Ad-tech company at the
  • Coached clients with 6 and 7-figure businesses.
  • Sang in Top 10 international Barbershop Chorus in NYC.
  • Lived and built a business in Singapore for 4 years.

Take control of your leadership transformation journey...

Trailblazer Oasis

To inject new energy, focus, and attention on 1) Freedom, 2) Spirituality, 3) Inner Peace, 4) Life Purpose, 5) Self-awareness

Do what you love on your own terms and make a sensational impact without sacrificing your lifestyle.

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