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Oasis Group Coaching

Experience a one of a kind coaching & community program for Trailblazers where differentminded, like-hearted leaders come together to connect, grow, and rejuvenate.

It's time for your next level

You won’t find any “cookie-cutter” next steps here. We don’t play in the safety of the kitchen, we forge through the jungle, clearing a trail through the vines for the very first time.

The Premium Oasis Experience is like a Caravan full of the world’s brightest leaders. Each brings something unique to the table, each is on his or her own journey, and each is a valuable member of the community.

Here, you are invited to safely and bravely navigate your own chosen path, not the one that others have decided for you.

This is your safe place

  • to show up as your true self (the good and the bad),
  • to challenge and be challenged,
  • to grow and nurture relationships with different- minded, like-hearted leaders,
  • and to hone your strengths to further leverage in the world.

Journeying with the Caravan is simple, but it isn’t easy.

Each member must show up willing to give back to the other members (and in turn, they’ll give back to you). Everyone who truly wants to and is willing to bring their gifts to the table has a spot.

Here’s What Happens Inside the
Premium Oasis Coaching Program

  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions with Niiamah
  • Complimentary Semi-Private 1-on-1 60 min Deep Coaching session with Niiamah (shared with the community)
  • 6 Private 1-on-1 60 min Deep Coaching session with Niiamah
  • Complimentary ticket to One US or Singapore 2 day OPM Oasis Intensive in next 6 months
  • Complimentary ticket to One US or Singapore 2 day OPM Oasis Intensive in next 12 months (2 tickets total)

You will also have access to...

  • Exclusive Premium Oasis Facebook Group
  • Unique Online Community Experiences and Events
  • Library of Past Conversations and Coaching

You are here to make your unique impact on the world. Become a leader who does.

Join our tribe to participate in powerful conversations, coaching, and community to support your journey of blazing your own unconventional trail to success and impact. 

AND get updates on video resources, exclusive invitations, workshops, offers, and more!

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