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Summer Accelerator

Trailblazer Summer Accelerator

Transform into the leader you need to be this year and start taking steps towards your grand mission before Fall begins.

Do you want to figure out the next steps in your journey?

Join this high-intensity coaching program to invest in a framework designed to propel you forward.

Vision – Five years from now, do you know where you want to be – personally and professionally? What does your life look like? Is your vision clear enough to work towards?

Courage – Are you taking on your biggest challenges and opportunities? Or are you intimidated by how bold or audacious they may seem to yourself or others?

Mindset – Discover the beliefs that drive your worldview, identify which ones are helping you and which are holding you back, and adopt an intentional mindset to support your success.

Energy – Are you dedicating your energy to the most impactful elements of your business? Increase your time around the activities, people, and environments that will energize you.

Strategy – Develop a personalized compass to help you recognize the next step in any situation, enabling you to take the right actions and accelerate towards your vision.

Skillset – There are essential skills to thrive as a high-achiever. We’ll help you identify the unique strengths and skills that can help you achieve exponential results.

Join a unique coaching experience with Niiamah Ashong and a handpicked community of top performers for 8 weeks.

● 8 Weeks of HIGH-FLAME Coaching (July through September – Ends by Labor Day)

● Small group high-intensity sessions

● 60-minute sessions where coaching is always ON!

● Sessions will be held virtually over Zoom.

Who is it for?

High-achieving top performers, industry leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and advisors looking to invest in their leadership transformation and excel exponentially in their careers.

This program is only available with the Trailblazer Collective Membership

Take powerful and steady steps towards your high-level vision. Begin your leadership transformation early.

No empty pep talk or fluff. No “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

Only HIGH FLAME coaching and pure transformation, one conversation at a time.

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