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I’ve found that making live videos without any scripts, any polish, and any editing is the most authentic and easiest way for me to share lessons learned on being a more authentic, inclusive, and possibility-driven leader.

I encourage you not to watch for agreement but rather for insight.

  • Listen to the specific lessons/stories shared to add to your toolkit when the opportunity arises.
  • Watch for who I’m being which naturally results in the actions and words that I share.
  • Pay attention to both what is said and just as importantly, what isn’t said. What tools / techniques are utilized to dive deeper, remain authentic, and lead from a place of joy, power, and commitment.

I often mess up. I sometimes ramble. I constantly get fired up and passionate about what I talk about. I contradict myself as my thinking evolves and people do me the service of engaging in deep conversation about it. I’m not here to be right – I’m here to be me and to share my truth in the moment in service of you and other Trailblazers.

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