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What’s Your Next Level?

As Trailblazers, you're choosing your own unique path to success at a whole new level.
These resources will give you the courage and guidance to blaze a brave new trail.

Energy Behind Hustle and Flow – Nemo Ashong (Live Coaching Conversation)

In my discussion with  Dr. Sarah Coxon an experienced ex-archeologist, she gives her definition of the word hustle and brings insight to the pressure that comes with the term. Society has made it seem like if you aren’t getting results, you aren’t focused enough, and yet what she and others out there want is to feel free to achieve a flow that makes everything happen in a seamless motion.

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Choice within Judgement (Live Coaching Niiamah Ashong)

We live in a world where diversity sets us apart and can at times cause judgment. As pioneers, being different is part of the game. Our aspirations to create sets us apart from the rest of the world. This coupled with past experiences and daily challenges can bring about internal and external criticism that can cause us to stagnate in our current playing fields. 

During this conversation with high performing pioneers Stacy and Kai, we openly embrace where they are vulnerable in life and explore the judgments that may be hindering their growth.

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Wholistic Success and Excitement (Live Coaching Niiamah Ashong)

As pioneers, we strive to achieve the next level.

A reality once achieved, quickly becomes the norm and we find ourselves wanting to get the next goal. This never-ending cycle keeps the game we are playing quite exciting. However, it can also cause the scales in some other areas of our lives to become a little imbalanced.

So, how do you as an Outlier, Maverick or Pioneer achieve wholistic success in all aspects of your life?

Today’s conversation features a fellow Pioneer and Maverick, Vicky Vaswani, who is a top player in his field as he defines for us what success is according to him and navigates what his next level of success would include.

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Aligning internally to act on your desires (Live Coaching Niiamah Ashong)

When you figure out what that next level is, you need to align yourself with it. Today we look at the prospect of obtaining your desires by living in the possibility.

Today we are joined by a member of our community, Karen Grant.  During this session, you watch as she receives the epiphany she needed to expose her path to her next level. Her excitement is palpable as she eagerly finishes the conversation to move forward with what has just been uncovered.

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Embrace being messy to play at your next level (Live Coaching Niiamah Ashong)

As Trailblazers we find ourselves on paths that no one around us has travelled before. These journeys can be intimidating and can often lead to a “messy” experience. An experience when we do not feel composed enough, prepared enough, or seasoned enough.

During this conversation we showcase two different personalities who are not afraid to embrace their “messy” as the live discussion is taking place. Embracing the messiness gets you to familiarise yourself with the challenges of these new experiences. 

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