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What’s Your Next Level?

As Trailblazers, you're choosing your own unique path to success at a whole new level.
These resources will give you the courage and guidance to blaze a brave new trail.

The Life, Death, and Rebirth of Niiamah Ashong

I approach my movement and business as a block arrow (imagine a triangle sitting on top of a vertical rectangle). The triangle and the tip reflects my vision and insights of leadership aligned with the World Joy Movement (my brand), and the rectangle houses all the supporting money-generating businesses (my business).

This gives me a container to talk about the variety of subjects that consititute change leadership while serving clients through more specific solutions.

As I share my business approach, I encourage you to consider as an Outlier, Pioneer, Maverick stepping into your leadership role, how does your arrow look like right now?

What would make up the tip and the shaft of your arrow if you were to play at your next level?

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