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If you’re ready for a community full of thought-leaders, change-makers, and high-achievers…

Who always find themselves one of the only, one of the first, and one of a kind…

And if you’re looking for a group of people who will both champion and challenge you…

All while giving you a safe haven to be yourself and an oasis to turn to when the trail gets tough…

You’ve found your tribe. And it’s nothing like what you’ve seen before.

You won’t find any “cookie-cutter” next steps here. We don’t play in the safety of the settled, we forge through the jungle, clearing a trail through the vines for the very first time.

If you’re ready to blaze a brave new trail, all while having a sounding board of powerful individuals who champion your every cause, join the Collective…

A place where Trailblazers embrace their true selves, recharge with their tribe and develop the tools needed to blaze their own trails.

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Join Niiamah And Find Your Tribe of Trailblazers.

I wasn’t always the Niiamah you see today…

There were no Facebook Lives. I’d never think of naming a website after myself. And you had better believe I wouldn’t dream of running a community full of Trailblazers.

Why? Because “fitting in” was a task that took up all of my time and energy.

It took me a long time to embrace the fact that, yes, I’m an Outlier–one of the only–and that, my friend, is when everything changed for me.

If you consistently find yourself one of the only, one of the first, or one of a kind, I have good news for you.

  1. You’re NOT alone (in fact, you’ve stumbled upon a community of the most high-achieving members of the club right here).
  2. You’re meant to blaze incredible and brave new trails. You just need to embrace your strengths and let them shine).

This community of Trailblazers is full of powerful people accomplishing extraordinary goals.

Uniting this community has become my life’s passion, and I’d like to tell you more about it and perhaps invite you to become a part of it.

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What’s Your Next Level?

As a Trailblazer, only you can answer that question. These resources will give you the courage and guidance to blaze a brave new trail.


If you're ready to explore yourself and your unique path to create more impact, influence, and income in your life and business, we should talk.

Trailblazer Courage Gym

If you’re ready to be the least interesting person in the room, to be challenged by a group of leaders who understand you, and to reap the rewards of visibly showing up in your life and business as yourself, then come experience a one of a kind coaching mastermind program.


Your personalized private 6-month coaching program where you can slow down, be challenged, and deeply transform the way you show up in your life, business, and impact. This is your opportunity to handled your biggest challenges, fears, and impossible dreams once and for all.

Listen to Live Coaching Conversations on the Outlier to Trailblazer Podcast!


You are here to make your unique impact on the world. Become a leader who does.

Join our tribe to participate in powerful conversations, coaching, and community to support your journey of blazing your own unconventional trail to success and impact. 

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