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Not sure which option is the best for you?

If you’re not sure what option makes sense for you, please take Your Epic Quest Assessment. It includes high-impact questions that are designed to assess and guide your coaching experience. Your answers will be used to identify the best way we can support you.

Do you want to pursue your goals with greater tenacity and openness so you can build momentum on the path to your next peak of achievement?

Trailblazer Oasis

6-month coaching program  that is tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Trailblazer Oasis offers you the chance to identify your insecurities and uncertainties that prevent you from moving on to your next level. Recognize skills and special leadership gifts you possess and accelerate the realization of your goals.  Join a very influential and encouraging group of accomplished individuals and together establish and communicate your compelling, distinctive, and authentic message to inspire and uplift your audience, attract your ideal customers, and manifest your full potential.

For Who?

Top performers with high influence who require assistance planning their goal to forge a new path for both themselves and others.


Starts at $497 / month

From weekly, bi-weekly, and customized coaching sessions, hot seats, and 1-on-1 private sessions with Niiamah, specifically curated space where you can bring in your thoughts and vulnerabilities freely.

Do you want to master leadership, amplify your impact, and grow your business to unimaginable heights?

Outlier’s Edge Intensive

A 3-day virtual intensive coaching experience for top performers.
Mastering leadership and eliminating the stress that comes with prosperous career paths are essential to rise to your unique blend of next-level success. If you want to participate in high-caliber discussions, build a network of peers, and streamline your goals, join us in this unconventional Intensive. Sessions will be held virtually over Zoom.

For Who?

Top performers, who are looking to level up their leadership skills, find their voice, and focus on career clarity while being immersed in a community of high achievers.


Starts at $797 (FREE for Trailblazer Oasis Members)

3 Days of live virtual coaching sessions, hot seats among an extraordinary collective, supportive online community interactions, leadership thinking tools and resources, and an on-demand library of recordings.

Summer Accelerator

8 weeks of HIGH-FLAME Coaching.

A unique experience of small group sessions. Have a clear vision where you want your career and private life to be in five years and work towards your defined goal. Start your journey in a space where you are at ease expressing your opinions and frailties. Sessions will be held virtually over Zoom.

For Who?

High-achieving top performers, industry leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and advisors who are considering their next moves in order to develop and excel both personally and professionally.


$997 (FREE for Trailblazer Oasis Members)

Join Niiamah Ashong for an 8-week exclusive coaching experience with a hand-selected group of top performers.

  • 8 Weeks of HIGH-FLAME Coaching (July through September – Ends by Labor Day)
  • Small group high-intensity sessions
  • 60-minute sessions where coaching is always ON!
  • Sessions will be held virtually over Zoom.

Deep Transformation Voyage

Two-month coaching experience, including both virtual sessions and a 3-day in-person retreat.
Are you ready to challenge the way you see the world? Join this high-level coaching experience of laser-focused, deep discussions with Niiamah Ashong in some of the most breathtaking settings around the world. It’s your opportunity to find your desire, free yourself from toxic patterns, and expose blind spots that keep you from making choices that are in alignment with YOU.

For Who?

High-achieving top performers who are not afraid of life-changing adventures and are ready to feel uncomfortable and challenge their worldviews.


Starts at $9K

Two months of 1-on-1 private coaching sessions, 4-person intimate group sessions, and 10-person highly curated group sessions + 3-day in-person destination retreat.

Outlier's Edge Masterclass

High-caliber conversations with a community of world-class leaders.

Are you ready for a life-changing conversation with high-achieving outliers? By engaging in our masterclasses, you can learn how to uncover blind spots, streamline your vision, master leadership in a way that comes naturally to you, face challenges to advance your skills, and hone your unique gifts to make an exponential impact.

For Who?

Top achievers who are prepared for a conversation that will change their lives and provide them with inspiration, courage, and wisdom in becoming the greatest leader they are aspiring to be.

Investment: FREE A high-intensity, high-impact, and high-transformation virtual masterclass featuring achievers, top performers, and outliers whose stories of success, greatly empower and inspire others.

Do you want to find your purpose,
discover what’s blocking you, and get clear on your ‘why’?

Momentum Coaching

This individualized 1-on-1 coaching is created with you in mind.
Its main objective is to assist you with setting up the necessary resources, developing the success-oriented strategies, and provide the structure and responsibility needed to help you reach your career change goals.This session is devoted to assisting you in overcoming obstacles and limiting beliefs while maintaining your attention on the crucial steps that will usher in your next stage of success.

For Who?

Outliers who are struggling and spending their time trying to discover the correct

formula to advance their personal and professional lives to the next level.


Starts at $1500 / month

Participate in effective One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Niiamah to be ready for the next stage in your path.

Your Hero’s Journey

1-on-1 Transformational leadership coaching sessions with Niiamah Ashong.
A personalized experience of customized coaching sessions tailored to your needs and aspirations around your own time. You’ll discover what’s holding you back and accelerate in your career while keeping your mental health and relationships in good shape. Begin your journey in a safe place where you can bring in your thoughts and vulnerabilities freely. Sessions will be held virtually over Zoom.

For Who?

Highly accomplished leaders and trailblazers, who have a massive mission, need to create change, and want Niiamah’s concentrated attention to help them find their inner voice and make a greater impact.


Starts at $3K / month
Build your own program of a personalized combination of 1-on-1 sessions around your timing and schedule.

  • 60 to 90-minute deep coaching sessions.
  • 30-minute momentum coaching sessions.
  • 15-minute laser-focused coaching sessions.
  • Over 90-minutes brainstorming sessions.

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