Become the Chief Soul Officer of Your Life, Business and Movement

Today, you get to meet corporate rebel and Chief Soul Officer, Shelley Paxton. Author of Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life. Shelley is the former Chief Marketing Officer of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, a brand so iconic and meaningful that people literally tattoo it on their bodies.

If you have a story, a message, or a movement that you need to bring to life and are unsure of how to navigate sharing your message unapologetically, you’ll want to listen to this entire conversation.

Shelley shares how she navigated telling her story given that other people were involved and honestly her response surprised me, she is just as real in this conversation as she is on every single page throughout her story.

I also coach her around what’s next for her given that she has now brought her book to life, and it’s out in the world. Specifically, around how she can remain true to her nature, as her message builds its own momentum. Where we get to through this conversation, it is far deeper than what’s presented.

As Your Journey Continues:

Will you choose courage over comfort in order to have the desired impact?

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