How to be Lucky (Live Coaching Conversation)

Some people want luck. Some people find luck. And a smaller subset still are able to create luck (even if they do so subconciously).

I’m happy to introduce you Jaspreet Dua (aka JD) who is a Trailblazer who consistently creates opportunities where few others would think possible. 

During our conversation, we call out 4 unique elements to his natural approach to create luck. 

The point here isn’t to take what works for JD and make it yours. Instead, I invite you to listen not for his 4 elements, but to the process we used to call out those elements. 

While you’re listening, use our conversation as a light and reflection into your own life and business. 

Questions to consider:

Where in your life have you created tremendous success with such ease and comfort that it could only be described as “luck”? (e.g. 10x results for 10% effort aka 100x) 

What conditions do you need in order for “luck” to meet you at it’s highest probability?

Where might you be downplaying or ignoring your own natural talents because they are in fact “natural” and easy.

What would happen to your life / business if you came from that “way of being” intentionally over the next 3 years?

our Conversation Continues...

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