Life, Death, and Rebirth of Niiamah Ashong

Today I have a story for you.

It’s the story of Niiamah Ashong.

It’s a story unlike any other story you have ever heard…because it’s my story.

It’s a story unlike any other story I’ve ever told… because I don’t know if I’ve ever *really* told my story before.

I share my story because I know first-hand the doubt and fear that can secretly exist when you feel you don’t belong even when (and perhaps especially when) you have created the same levels of conventional success as others.

I share my story because it had always felt dangerous and unsafe for me to simply be me, and I now I have access to the safety, peace, and freedom that comes from being fully myself.

And I CHOOSE to share my story, because when you own your story, you come to know without a shadow of a doubt that while you may have to walk your path of world-changing leadership alone, you no longer have to feel lonely.

I will never fit-in. And for that I am now grateful, because I now belong to myself. I am the one and only Niiamah Ashong – and it’s precisely because of that that I can change the world.

Listen to the story of the Life, Death, and Rebirth of Niiamah Ashong

And then Leave a Comment to A) tell me about your experience of hearing this story and B) share with me a part of your story – the you and only you can tell.



I’m serious. I don’t care how long it takes for you to listen or how long/short your response is when you hit REPLY. Owning your story is an important part of the journey from Outlier to Trailblazer – and it starts now. I’m reading and responding to every reply that I get because your story and who you are is important.

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