Trailblazer Tribe Connection: Hidden Superpower (2020.04.03)

Session Timestamps
0:01 – Welcoming the Community

7:15 – Community Introductions

21:23 – Establishing Agreements

29:23 – Breakout Room 1 Questions: Belonging

33:50 – Breakout Room 1 Debrief

42:17 – Invitations to Upcoming Community Gatherings

45:07 – Stretch Break

45:48 – Breakout Room 2 Questions: Possibility

50:09 – Breakout Room Debrief

Last Thursday, 20 Trailblazers came together from all over the world, for an experience of deep connection and community.

Most of the people didn’t know each other. And even fewer had any real idea about what would be taking place during the time together.

All they knew was that I was inviting some of the “most interesting, intimidating, and inspiring people I know to create a deep and intimate community experience where you’ll leave energized, aligned, and connected to yourself, others, and your higher purpose”.

Watch the replay for how the conversation took place:
+ What was done to create space and safety in advance?
+ What struck you or surprised you the most about this experience?
+ What is one thing this brings to mind that you’d like to bring into your leadership?

6 Questions we explored:
1) What are you proud about regarding the way you’ve shown up in the last 2 weeks
2) What are you confident about in the current space
3) What are the crossroads that you find yourself at right now?
4) What’s your HIDDEN superpower
5) What does the world need most right now?
6) What do *I* need most right now?

our Conversation Continues...

Share your biggest takeaway/question from this conversation

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