28: How to Align your Work with what’s Truly Important to You at Your Core (Dorianne St. Fleur – HR Business Partner and Career Coach)


One of the challenges to experiencing empjoyment each and every day is knowing what it is that will actually bring you that level of satisfaction.

People come across their means of finding enjoyment through employment through a variety of ways, yet at the end of the day though, having clarity on what brings you joy in life and at work lays the foundation for the rest of your experience.

Dorianne St. Fleur, our featured Empjoyee, shares the process and questions she utilizes to empower others, especially women, to navigate their careers and be fulfilled at work by first understanding what it is that they want at their core.


Listen to this episode now to learn how Dorianne:

  • Navigates the transition from being a top performer in her role in the finance industry she knew well to finding her way to similar levels of success in tech
  • Shares how “fast-paced” work environments have differed throughout her experience in tech industry and finance
  • Empowers women to take charge of their career and obtain the career fulfillment they are working towards

TL;DL (Too long; Didn’t Listen): 3 Actionable Takeaways

  • Take the time this week to figure out what is it that you want to be doing and the reason why that drives that choiceour career journey
  • Align with what it is at your core that you want to be doing versus tying your next move to a specific role, title or company
  • Be open and honest with yourself and vulnerable with the people around to share what you are struggling with and obtain feedback, support, and advice

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From Insight to Action

“I don’t gamble but the one thing I’m willing to bet on is myself” – Beyonce

#Joyney28: Come share with us as detailed a description as you’ll allow youself of what you would like to be doing to experience empjoyment and why that would bring you joy within the Empjoyment Community!


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Getting to Know Today’s Featured Empjoyee: Dorianne St. Fleur!

Dorianne St Fleur graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA in 2005 with a bachelors of arts in Psychology.

Dorianne started her career in Sales & Trading Operations at Goldman Sachs before making a switch to their Human Resources.

She’s since gone on to work in HR departments at other global banks and as of November 2016 has transitioned into the HR team at an advertising tech company.

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