27: Keep Taking Swings to Achieve Fulfillment in Life and Work (Michael Mayer – Growth and Development, Betterment)


What do you do when you know you’re working at a company that you love and whose culture and mission you resonate with, but you know you’re ready for the next stage in your career. How do you navigate the switching roles and teams within your organization. And just as importantly, how to you subside your own doubts of your experience when attempting to make such a move.

Given the rapidly-changing growth oriented environment that is the beauty of tech, being able to move into your next role in technology can often feel just as challenging as getting into your first.

Mike Mayer, our featured Empjoyee, shares how he has approached changing teams internally and that impact that it’s had on his Empjoyment. And that’s important as he uses each change as another learning opportunity to move him closer to his ultimate goals in work and life.


Listen to this episode now to learn how to:

  • Navigate moving to a new role within your company (aka internal mobility) in a way that continues to grow your career and move you to your ultimate goals of empjoyment
  • Apply an entrepreneurial mindset to your work and side projects
  • Become knowledgeable in a new field in a relatively short period of time

TL;DL (Too long; Didn’t Listen): 3 Actionable Takeaways

  • Take the time to listen to your heart, your gut, your intuition, your sixth sense, whatever it is that you may call it, and trust it enough to guide you in the direction that will best serve you currently.
  • Your time is valuable, so make sure you’re taking the time to work on the things that matter to you most.
  • Define your intentions and desires for work and life and adopt a spirit of transparency so you can openly create and explore opportunities in your current or next company to feel fulfilled

But wait there’s more! Share your #1 takeaway with today’s featured Empjoyee and other Empjoyees in the Empjoyment community!

From Insight to Action

“Take Swings” – Mike Mayer’s Matra

Mike’s suggestions for moving forward in your journey were so simple, you can implement within 15-30 mins and make meaningful progress in your journey. We’ll all should have at least 30 minutes available to pursue fulfillment in our life and career, so let’s take action on that today.

Mike’s Simple Steps for the next 7 days

  • Step 0: Define what you want out of your next career experience
  • Step 1: WRITE IT DOWN!
  • Step 2: Reach out to 3 people that know even a little more more about what you’re looking to accomplish
  • Step 3: Ask for and act on their recommendations on where to continue from there.

Your Joyney: What do you truly want out of your next career experience (e.g. What type of environment? What type of problems are you solving? What type of people are you working with). Come share your thoughts on this within the Empjoyment Community using the hashtag #joyney27 so we know what we’re all truly striving for in this next stage of Empjoyment!


Additional Resources to Accelerate your Growth

Getting to Know Today’s Featured Empjoyee: Mike Mayer!

Mike Mayer is an entrepreneurial minded marketer focused on building consumer facing brands.

As a Venture for America Fellow, Mike co-founded a non-profit to teach entrepreneurship to underprivileged middle schoolers in New Orleans while working at a market research tech startup.

He now helps Betterment, a venture backed tech company,  launch new products and services. Mike graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in economics from The Wharton School

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