Aligning internally to act on your desires (Live Coaching Niiamah Ashong)

By choosing to play in the next level you are actively creating your future and are therefore bringing more of your present into your future. So, therefore, when you figure out what that next level is, you need to align yourself with it. Today we look at the prospect of obtaining your desires by living in the possibility.

During today’s conversation, I want you to think about the possibilities that you could be living into and what are the problems that you could go ahead and fix? What if, while living your possibility you find out that the problems you were looking to fix are very minuscule?

Watch as we are joined by a member of our community, Karen. A phenomenal coach who confesses that she is opening herself up to discussions she hadn’t wanted to venture into, but by doing so she reveals possibilities she had not considered. During this session, you watch as she receives the epiphany she needed to expose her path to her next level. Her excitement is palpable as she eagerly finishes the conversation to move forward with what has just been uncovered.

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