Embrace being messy to play at your next level (Live Coaching Niiamah Ashong)

As Trailblazers we find ourselves on paths that no one around us has travelled before. These journeys can be intimidating and can often lead to a “messy” experience. An experience when we do not feel composed enough, prepared enough, or seasoned enough.

During this conversation we showcase two different personalities who are not afraid to embrace their “messy” as the live discussion is taking place. Embracing the messiness gets you to familiarise yourself with the challenges of these new experiences. At the Outlier to Trailblazer Playground we purposefully create real-life situations that will allow us to prepare and practice for the real-world situations that you will experience as you grow in your business.

Niiamah understands that to get to your next level, being messy is part of the process, and he wants you to feel comfortable when the “messy”” happens. Whilst you listen to this discussion consider what preparation and practice you need to break through the barriers of messiness to achieve your next level goals.

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