Choice within Judgement (Live Coaching Niiamah Ashong)

We live in a world where diversity sets us apart and can at times cause judgment. As pioneers, being different is part of the game. Our aspirations to create sets us apart from the rest of the world. This coupled with past experiences and daily challenges can bring about internal and external criticism that can cause us to stagnate in our current playing fields. 

During this conversation with high performing pioneers Stacy and Kai, we openly embrace where they are vulnerable in life and explore the judgments that may be hindering their growth.


Over at Outliers, Pioneers, and Mavericks, we understand that to really make an impact, we need to own more of who we are. We need to bring all the cards to the table, even those that seem out of this world. You will find that those desires that seem unattainable may be the very reason why there are judgments within your playing field. 

In the Outlier to Trailblazer community (, Niiamah has created a safe space for every one of his clients so that no idea is ever frowned upon.  Instead, ideas are embraced and brought into the realm of possibility. Come on over and join our community to brainstorm and discuss your ideas in a safe environment.

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