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16: Clarify your Intentions and Take on Experiences to Live Life by Design (Brian Ssennoga, Alumni Program Manager, Global Health Corps)

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Not every Empjoyee lives in a place where there is a vibrant tech community. However, today’s conversation with Brian Ssennoga proves that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be one in the future. It just might be up to you to make it come to life, and support that growth along the way.

Today’s episode walks us through Brian’s journey to support Information and Commjunication Technologies (ICT) communities in Uganda and how he has been able to design a unique lifestyle and seek the right experiences to support that to have a successful career that spans multiple continents.

In addition to technical excellence, Brian shares his passion and insight for leadership and management with us today to help Empjoyees better manage others in the tech industry.


Listen now to learn how Brian:

  • Builds networks that support and contribute to his success in making both career transitions and tremendous impact for the communities he serves
  • Approaches leadership and development growth and application to help managers lead successful teams
  • Supports the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) communities in Uganda and throughout Africa and continuously finds new ways to apply his technical experience to overall business needs

TL;DL (Too long; Didn’t Listen): 3 Actionable Takeaways

  • Take the time to answer the tough questions about what you want out of life and then pursue the experiences that will allow you to live it. From there, the job opportunities will follow.
  • Develop confidence and skills by volunteering for and/or creating growth experiences by raising your hand, speaking up, and ultimately stepping up to new opportunities
  • Motivate your team through outcome-oriented goals rather than action / work-completion goals to invite team members to bring their best work.

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From Insight to Action

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.” – John F. Kennedy

Brian encourages you to envision the life and career you want, seek experiences that will make that a reality, and take action on the items that will most impact your success.

Your Joyney: Let us know what are the big things (big “rocks”) that you’re working on this week and how do they add and contribute to your team and carrer goals within the Empjoyment Community (use hashtag #joyney16).


Additional Resources to Accelerate your Growth

Getting to Know Today’s Featured Empjoyee: Brian Ssennoga!

Brian Ssennoga is passionate mostly about 2 things: developing young leaders and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for development.

In 2010, Brian received an achievement award from AED-Satellife – Center for Health and Information Technology, for work related to strengthening Health Information Systems in Uganda, using African Access Points. Brian also worked extensively on the use of mobile devices for household data collection with various projects in Ghana, Nigeria and in Uganda.

During this time, Brian started serving on the council of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa. Brian who continues to serve as the Secretary General has already overseen bi-annual summits in Abuja, Nairobi,  Kampala as well as building Africa-wide networks.

In 2013, Brian accepted the Global Health Corps Fellowship with Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation supporting communications and documentation for the STAR-SW project. Brian has led diverse teams while serving in senior management roles with International Health Sciences University and Watoto Ministries in Kampala.

Brian rejoined the Global Health Corps where he currently serves as Alumni Program Manager, overseeing program work to support a community of more than 800 global health leaders in more than 35 countries in the world. Brian is a founding member of the ICT Association of Uganda, holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, a Postgrad Diploma in Information Technology and an MBA (International Business) with Amity University of India. When he is not exploring the world through technology events or working on the eRyte Museum of Technology, he cooks meals for his family, enjoys a good book, blogs or plays guitar. Brian is also a volunteer at his local church with the Creative Arts & Media Teams.

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