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20: How You Tell Your Story is Just as Important as Your Experience (Sumant Yerramilly – Head of Advertising, Edmodo)

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Reinventing yourself and your career is not an easy feat. In our pursuit of enjoyment through employment, it can often feel like a daunting and unsurmountable roadblock to overcome. How do you pivot your brand from being an expert in one thing (and quite frankly being exceptional at it) that doesn’t fulfill you to a new brand that positions your unique experiences as your value proposition in a business role in tech.

Luckily, Sumant Yerramilly, our featured Empjoyee, lays out a step by step roadmap based on his experience. He takes it a step further by also sharing the top 2 pillars for successful career transitions into tech and what he looks for when hiring people for his team.


Listen to this episode now to learn how to:

  • Articulate your experience when you have variety of skill sets that don’t seem to lead to a specific role (at least not on paper…)
  • Leverage two key principles to differentiate yourself from other candidates applying for a role
  • Approach product management with a “sell before you build” mentality to enhance company success and client satisfaction

TL;DL (Too long; Didn’t Listen): 3 Actionable Takeaways

  • Don’t overthink it – rather than focusing on eliminating risk from all possible scenarios, keep it simple and take action on what you can control right now.
  • Sell before your build – find ways to sell potential customers (incl. employers when looking for a job) on your ideas through tangible mockups, projects, etc prior to investing significant resources on items that you feel would be important but others aren’t interested in
  • Practice how you articulate you past experiences to employers so that you are positioning who you are and the value you’ll bring and not just what you’ve done

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From Insight to Action

“Don’t overthink it!” – Sumant Yerramilly

Let’s continue today’s discussion by exploring ways to let go of overthinking problems and opportunities in our professional journey and instead, prioritize the actions we can take right now and execute on them.

Your Joyney: Come share with us 1 thing that you are currently overthinking in your career journey and the 1 action you will take today to help you break the cycle of over analysis within the Empjoyment Community using the hashtag #joyney20 so we can jump in no matter when you see this!


Additional Resources to Accelerate your Growth

Getting to Know Today’s Featured Empjoyee: Sumant Yerramilly!

Sumant is a serial entrepreneur in the digital advertising and commerce space.

He currently is the Head of Advertising at Edmodo, the largest education social network in the world with over 80M registered users across 190 countries. He currently oversees product, go to market strategy, and sales execution.

Previously, he was Director of Product at Unified and the VP of Product at Compass Labs. He started off his career by co-founding Amp Idea (acquired by VTS), an out of home digital advertising startup based in Boston, MA. Sumant was responsible for developing the first interactive taxi payment and entertainment product, now available in over 20,000 taxis around the country.

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