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What’s Your Next Level?

As Trailblazers, you're choosing your own unique path to success at a whole new level.
These resources will give you the courage and guidance to blaze a brave new trail.

35: Every Problem is Solvable (DeVon Lineman – Lead Data Scientist, Forkcast)

Devon Lineman is no stranger to bad news. Despite completing all of the coursework to obtain a bachelor’s AND master’s degree in mathematics, financial difficulties prevented him from earning either.

He approached the problem like any game or sport: with persistence, creativity, and attention to detail. Today, he is the Lead Data Scientist at Forkcast where he builds machine learning algorithms using the technical skills he taught himself. 

Listen to today’s episode as Devon shares his love for problem solving, how it’s gotten him to where he is today, and how he continues to diligently overcome all the obstacles that stand in his path.

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34: How to Win the “Numbers Game” and Reinvent Yourself (Andrew Ash – Software Engineer, Amazon)

Resetting your career to pursue a life of your design provides its challenges. Those challenges are unique to each individual, but there are certainly frameworks we can utilize to help guide our progress to overcome them.

Andrew Ash shares his most powerful framework, which we’ll call “Playing the Numbers Game” for us on today’s episode. You’ll get the opportunity to see how playing this game has led him from a career as an actor in New York City to creating a new life of Empjoyment as soon-to-be-married Software engineer at Amazon in Seattle.

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